The Company Structure

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The Company Structure

Post  Tiberian Seraphim on Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:06 am

Initially the structure will be plain and simple, but i have made room for additional divisions so once the guild begins to grow the structure will grow with it.


Director - Currently Lord Seraphim
The current owner of the company and the head of operations, the director is the one who decides what contracts the company accepts along with handling the general administration of the company.

The commander of the armed forces, he who leads them in combat and is responsible for their training and general activity.

The officers of the company, the sergeants assist the Captain with the day to day maintenance of the company forces.

Veteran Blade
The elite mercenaries of the company, trained to near perfection and deadly in every way.

Adept Blade
The regular soldiers of the company, these soldier's have proven their dedication to the company and now make up the main bulk of the army.

Novice Blade
Those who have only recently enlisted with the company and have yet to receive proper training and experience to join the ranks of the adepts.

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