Application Form (Read before applying)

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Application Form (Read before applying)

Post  Tiberian Seraphim on Wed Feb 10, 2010 4:05 am

Make sure to read the Seraphim Code of Conduct before making your application!

Example Application.

In-Character Name: Tiberian Seraphim

In-Character Age: 35

Personality: Usually a grim character but honorable in nature, Tiberian has grown very emotionless over the countless years of military service.

Brief Character Background: Tiberian has several records of military service both in the Stormwind Guard as well as the armed forces of Arathor. Born in the center of the Arathorian Kingdom he was rushed away as an infant from a besieged city and unfortunately raised in the city of "light".

Guild History: Former member of the Kingdom of Arathor

Have you read the Code of Conduct? I wrote it..

Tiberian Seraphim

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